2018 Abstract Review Committee

The Abstract Review Committee is composed of accomplished visual scientists representing a broad range of specialty areas and methodological approaches. Members are appointed by the Board to a one-year term; members may be reappointed.

Name Areas of Expertise
Wendy Adams 3D perception, Multisensory processing
Geoffrey Aguirre Color and light, Face perception, Temporal processing
Sarah Allred Color and light, Visual memory
George Alvarez Attention, Visual memory, Visual search
Barton Anderson Color and light, Perceptual organization, Binocular vision
SP Arun Object recognition, Visual search, Face perception
Edward Awh Visual memory, Attention
Diane Beck Attention, Scene Perception, Object Perception
Melissa Beck Attention, Eye movements, Visual memory
Stefanie Becker Visual search, Attention, Eye movements
Marina Bloj Color and light, Visual memory, Eye movements
Sabine Born Eye movements, Attention
Geoff Boynton Attention, Spatial vision, Perceptual organization, Perceptual learning
Isabelle Buelthoff Face perception, Multisensory processing, Object recognition
T. Rowan Candy Development, Binocular vision, Spatial vision
Nancy Carlisle Attention, Visual search, Visual memory
Monica Castelhano  Scene perception, Attention, Eye movements
Sang Chul Chong Attention, Scene perception, Visual memory
Marvin Chun Attention, Visual memory, Scene perception, Visual search
Thérèse Collins Eye movements, Perception and action, Spatial vision
Steven Dakin Spatial vision, Perceptual organization, Motion, Object recognition, Face perception
Tessa Dekker Development, Multisensory processing, Perception and action
Gabriel Diaz Perception and action, Eye movements
Brad Duchaine Face perception, Object recognition, Development
Steve Engel Perceptual learning, Color and light, Spatial vision, Object recognition
Russell Epstein Scene perception, Object recognition, Visual memory
Brett Fajen Perception and action, Motion, 3D perception
Patrizia Fattori Perception and action, Spatial vision, Multi-sensory processing
Isabel Gauthier Object recognition, Face perception, Perceptual learning
Debbie Giaschi Development, Motion, Binocular vision
Julie Golomb Attention, Spatial vision, Object recognition
Mark Greenlee Motion, Perceptual learning, Visual memory
Jason Haberman Perceptual organization, Face perception, Attention
Julie Harris 3D perception, Binocular vision, Perception and action
Sheng He Attention, Face perception, Motion, Object recognition, Perceptual organization
Todd Horowitz Visual search, Attention, Visual memory, Multi-sensory processing
Johan Hulleman Visual search, Eye movements, Perceptual organization
Anya Hurlbert Color and light, Object recognition, Scene perception
Alan Johnston Motion, Face perception, Temporal processing
Sabine Kastner Attention, Visual search, Object recognition, Scene perception
Fred Kingdom Spatial vision, Perceptual organization, Color and light
Talia Konkle Object recognition, Scene perception
Rich Krauzlis Eye movements, Attention, Visual search, Motion, Perception and action, Multisensory processing
Bart Krekelberg Eye movements, Motion, Perception and action, Spatial vision, Temporal processing
Árni Kristjánsson Attention, Visual memory, Eye movements
Dennis Levi Binocular vision, Perceptual learning, Spatial vision
Margaret Livingstone Face perception, Object recognition, Color and light
Joan Lopez-Moliner Perception and action, Multisensory processing
Zhong-Lin Lu Perceptual learning, Attention, Binocular vision, Visual search, Motion, Visual memory
Laurence Maloney Color and light, Perception and action, 3D perception, Perceptual organization, Face perception
Catherine Manning Development, Motion, Spatial vision
Anna Montagnini Perception and action, Eye movements, Motion
Cathleen Moore Attention, Perceptual organization, Scene perception, Visual search
Shin’ya Nishida Motion, Color and light, Multisensory processing, Temporal processing
Maria Olkkonen Color and light, Visual memory, Perceptual learning
Ipek Oruc Face perception, Object recognition, Spatial vision
Marc Pomplun Eye movements, Attention, Scene perception, Visual search, Visual memory
Sylvia Pont 3D perception, Color and light, Multisensory processing, Object recognition
Jenny Read 3D perception, Binocular vision, Motion
Ruth Rosenholtz Visual search, Attention, Spatial vision, Perceptual organization, Scene perception, Eye movements
Bruno Rossion Face perception, Object recognition
Michele Rucci Eye movements, Spatial vision, Perception and action, Scene perception
Dov Sagi Perceptual learning, Spatial vision, Perceptual organization
Anna Schubö Attention, Visual search, Perception and action
Lisa Scott Face perception, Development
Aaron Seitz Attention, Motion, Multisensory processing, Perceptual learning, Visual memory
Anita Simmers Binocular vision, Development, Perceptual learning
Josh Solomon Spatial vision, Attention
Miriam Spering Eye movements, Perception and action, Motion
Jim Tanaka Face perception, Object recognition, Development
Mike Tarr Object recognition, Face perception, Scene perception
Jan Theeuwes Attention, Eye movements, Visual search, Multisensory processing, Visual memory, Scene perception
Igor Utochkin Visual search, Visual memory, Attention, Scene perception
Rufin VanRullen Attention, Temporal processing, Visual search, Scene perception, Object recognition, Motion
Stefan van der Stigchel Attention, Eye movements, Visual memory
Rufin Vogels Object recognition, Perceptual learning, Face perception
Rüdiger von der Heydt Binocular vision, Perceptual organization, Visual memory
Johan Wagemans Perceptual organization, Object recognition, Scene perception, 3D perception, Face perception, Eye movements
Sarah Waugh Spatial vision, Binocular vision, Development
Andrew Welchman 3D perception, Binocular vision, Multisensory processing, Temporal processing, Perceptual learning
David Whitney Spatial vision, Motion, Perceptual organization, Perception and action, Object recognition, Attention
Sophie Wuerger Color and light, Multisensory processing, Perceptual learning
Yaffa Yeshurun Attention, Visual search, Spatial vision, Temporal processing
Cong Yu  Perceptual learning, Spatial vision, Attention
Qasim Zaidi  3D perception, Color and light, Motion