Poster Information

Presentation Rules

The first author must be present during the assigned Author Presents Time and may elect to be there for the entire session.  If the first author is unable to present, the abstract must be withdrawn or permission may be granted for another author to present. See Abstract Withdrawals for more information. For questions regarding your scheduled presentation time, contact Shauney Wilson.

You may post your materials on the board assigned to you at any time after the "Set-up Begins" time, but before the beginning of the assigned poster session. You must remove your poster promptly no later than the "Take-down Complete." See the printed program for set-up and take-down times. Any posters left up after the "Take-down Complete" time may be discarded.

Though authors are encouraged to present during the entire poster session, "Author Presents time"; will be scheduled and published in the VSS Program. Author Presents Times will be staggered by even and odd numberred posters.

Poster Specifications

Poster boards are 4' (121.92 cm) tall x 8' (243.84 cm) wide, however the actual usable board space is 42" x 90" (106.68 cm x 228.6 cm). Figures and type should be easily seen from a short distance. Use clear graphics and large type to accomplish this.

Pushpins will be available. Tape, glue and other adhesives are not to be used on the poster boards. Poster boards will be numbered by VSS. The last three digits of your abstract number will signify your poster board.

Electricity may be available at various locations throughout the room but an extension cord is advised if you require electricity.

Suggestions for Creating Effective Posters

  • Prepare a title banner indicating abstract title, author(s) and affiliation(s). Lettering should be at leaste 1 inch high
  • Minimize narrative.
  • For figures, use dark colors on white or light backgrounds. Figures should be designed to be viewed from a distance (about 3 feet)
  • Use large type in short separated paragraphs.
  • Do not set entire paragraphs in boldface or capital letters.
  • Numbered or bulleted lists are a concise but effective way to convey a series of points.
  • It is not necessary to post a copy of your abstract.