2015 Review Committee


Areas of Expertise

David Alais

Multisensory processing, Binocular vision, Motion, Perceptual organization

George Alvarez

Attention, Visual memory, Visual search

Barton Anderson

Color and light, Perceptual organization, Binocular vision

Benjamin Backus

Binocular vision, Perceptual learning, 3D perception, motion

Irving Biederman

Object recognition, Face perception, Scene perception

James Bisley

Attention, Eye movements, Visual search

Geoff Boynton

Attention, Spatial vision, Perceptual organization, Perceptual learning

Angela Brown

Color and light, Development, Spatial vision, Binocular vision, Visual search

David Burr

Motion, Multisensory processing, Eye movements, Development

Patrick Cavanagh

Attention, Motion, Scene perception, Temporal processing, Binocular vision

Leonardo Chelazzi

Attention, Eye Movements, Visual search, Perception and action, Perceptual learning

Marvin Chun

Attention, Visual memory, Scene perception, Visual search

Christos Constantinidis

Visual memory, Visual search, Attention, Spatial vision

Jody Culham

Perception and action, Object recognition

Steven Dakin

Spatial vision, Perceptual organization, Motion, Object recognition, Face perception

Karen Dobkins

Development, Face perception

Brad Duchaine

Face perception, Object recognition, Development

James Elder

Perceptual organization,  Spatial vision, Attention, 3D perception, Face perception, Scene perception

Steve Engel

Perceptual learning, Color and light, Spatial vision, Object recognition

Jim Enns

Attention, Face perception, Perception and action, Object recognition, Temporal processing

Marc Ernst

Multisensory processing, Perception and action, Perceptual learning, 3D perception

Mark Greenlee

Motion, Perceptual learning, Visual memory

Julie Harris

3D perception, Binocular vision, Perception and action

Sheng He

Attention, Face perception, Motion, Object recognition, Perceptual organization

John Henderson

Scene perception, Eye movements, Attention, Visual search

Todd Horowitz

Visual search, Attention, Visual memory, Multi-sensory processing

Anya Hurlbert

Color and light, Object recognition, Scene perception

Alan Johnston

Motion, Face perception, Temporal processing

Phil Kellman

Perceptual organization, Perceptual learning, Object recognition, 3D perception, Development

Daniel Kersten

Object recognition, Perceptual learning, Perceptual organization, 3D perception, Perception and action

Fred Kingdom

Spatial vision, Perceptual organization, Color and light

Rich Krauzlis

Eye movements, Attention, Visual search, Motion, Perception and action, Multisensory processing

Bart Krekelberg

Eye movements, Motion, Perception and action, Spatial vision, Temporal processing

Margaret Livingstone

Binocular vision, Color and light, Face perception, Motion

Zhong-Lin Lu

Perceptual learning, Attention, Binocular vision, Visual search, Motion, Visual memory

Laurence Maloney

Color and light, Perception and action, 3D perception, Perceptual organization, Face perception

Ennio Mingolla

Object recognition, 3D perception, Perceptual organization, Motion

Cathleen Moore

Attention, Perceptual organization, Scene perception, Visual search

Shin'ya Nishida

Motion, Color and light, Multisensory processing, Temporal processing

Aude Oliva

Object recognition, Scene perception, Visual memory, Visual search

Alice O'Toole

Face perception, Visual memory

Christopher Pack

Motion, Eye movements, Perceptual organization

Marc Pomplun

Eye movements, Attention, Scene perception, Visual search, Visual memory

Jenny Read

3D perception, Binocular vision, Motion

Bruno Rossion

Face perception, Object recognition

Michele Rucci

Eye movements, Spatial vision, Perception and action, Scene perception

Dov Sagi

Perceptual learning, Spatial vision, Perceptual organization

Jeff Schall

Visual search, Eye movements, Attention

Brian Scholl

Attention, Perceptual organization, Visual memory

Aaron Seitz

Attention, Motion, Multisensory processing, Perceptual learning, Visual memory

Daniel Simons

Attention, Scene perception, Object recognition, Visual memory

Pawan Sinha

Face perception, Object recognition, Perceptual learning, Perceptual organization

Josh Solomon

Spatial vision, Attention

George Sperling

Motion, Attention, Binocular vision

Jim Tanaka

Face perception, Object recognition, Visual memory

Mike Tarr

Object recognition, Face perception, Scene perception

Jan Theeuwes

Attention, Eye movements, Visual search, Multisensory processing, Visual memory, Scene perception

Bosco Tjan

Spatial vision, Object recognition, Perceptual learning

Rufin VanRullen

Attention, Temporal processing, Visual search, Scene perception, Object recognition, Motion

Rufin Vogels

Object recognition, Perceptual learning, Face perception

von der Heydt

Binocular vision, Perceptual organization, Visual memory

William Warren

Perception and action, 3D perception

Takeo Watanabe

Perceptual learning, Attention, Motion, Perceptual organization

Michael Webster

Color and light, Face perception, Spatial vision

Andrew Welchman

3D perception, Binocular vision, Multisensory processing, Temporal processing, Perceptual learning

David Whitney

Spatial vision, Motion, Perceptual organization, Perception and action, Object recognition, Attention

Yaffa Yeshurun

Attention, Visual search, Spatial vision, Temporal processing

Cong Yu

Perceptual learning, Spatial vision, Attention

Qasim Zaidi

3D perception, Color and light, Motion

The Abstract Review Committee is composed of accomplished visual scientists representing a broad range of specialty areas and methodological approaches. Members are appointed by the Board to a one-year term; members may be reappointed.